The Keilor St Bernard’s Committee.

Like any sporting or other community body, Keilor St. Bernard's Athletic Club is run by a committee, elected at an annual general meeting held in April.

The elected committee meets monthly. We aim to keep meetings concise and short so don’t be afraid to offer yourself as a potential committee candidate at an upcoming AGM! All members are welcome to attend committee meetings.

Current committee members and their contact details are listed below.

Keilor St Bernard’s Club committee members 2017/8
President Ian Upton <phone number> <email>
Vice president Bianca Share <phone number> <email>
Vice president Greg Moore <phone number> <email>
Secretary Maria Abfalter <phone number> <email>
Treasurer Nicole Gunn <phone number> <email>
Head coach Ron Stobaus
General committee Janaka Egodawatte <phone number> <email>
Paul Kennedy <phone number> <email>
Peter Gaffney <phone number> <email>
Krystal Kunig <phone number> <email>
Russell Cram <phone number> <email>