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Winter competition:

The club has a number of teams in the Athletics Victoria cross-country competition, which is generally conducted from late April through to September. The cross-country program includes Road Races, Cross-Country Races and Team Relay Races at various venues in the Melbourne metropolitan area and country Victoria. Races are generally held on Saturday afternoons and occasionally on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The club generally participates in all junior competition age groups (under 14, 16, 18 and 20) and currently has teams in the following senior divisions.

Men Division 2, 4 and 6.

Women Division 2 and 4

Commencing in 2016 Athletics Victoria will have a single fee for structure for cross country. This fee will permit entry in all flat races. Athletics Victoria also charges a fee for each team in a relay competition and the clubs annual fees of all members cover these fees. Athletics Victoria provides as a part of it's membership a "winter handbook" which includes a calendar of events, the program and race times of each event, directions to the location of the event and basic maps of the courses (available on the AV website).

Winter club events and competition:

The club conducts two events during the winter season, the Boeing reserve handicap races of 3, 5 and 8K and the Mt Macedon based "King of the Mountain" which is generally run in the worst winter conditions possible.

The club conducts a "points" competition based upon the simple premise that within an age group the better you run and the more you run the more points you earn....

Summer competition:

Currently Athletics Victoria conducts the "Shield" track and field competition at four metropolitan zones, Competition is held at various venues in these zones. KSB competes in the "yellow" zone at venues such as Aberfeldie, Willimstown, Lakeside (Albert Park) and perhaps this season at Werribee. Whilst the format and dates change from season to season (depending upon the dates of major holidays, national and international events), twelve weeks of general "Shield" competition is conducted  commencing in mid October and finishing in March/April with the "Shield Final". This competition is intermixed with various school, Athletics Victoria and Athletics Australia track and field and relay championships.

Competition structure:
Shield competition is "graded". An athlete competes against other athletes of equal ability, rather than running in teams based events where there may be large disparities between competitors. For example, in a hundred metre sprint the start marshal would ask for competitors who can run 12.00 to 12.5 seconds, any athlete regardless of age who can run those times would participate in the races for those times.

Whilst the competition is graded, the zone scorer uses the results of all events to calculate the performance of club teams for 40+, Senior and Junior Team competitions. At the end of the season, successful teams in each division at the Yellow zone may compete in the State "Shield" Finals.

The club generally has teams in all junior divisions (Under 14, 16, 18, 20) and the following senior divisions:

Men Division 40+ and division 2.
Women Division 1 and 2.

Summer club event:

The club holds its annual handicap gift in early March. The "gift" is open to all members and associated families. Four races are held, men and women's 120 metres, men's 1600 metres and women's 800 metres.

All participants are handicapped on seasons performances and/or for those with "no form" the educated guesses of knowledgeable people.

Best racing of the season.......


A large number of officials are required to conduct an athletics meeting and each participating club must supply a number of officials some winter cross-countryevents, for every Shield zone meeting, Shield final and various state championships. The club has a number of regular officials, but all help regardless of experience is appreciated. If you are at the venue and can help please do so.

Information on volunteering is in the following document. KSB-Volunteer-Handbook-1-0.pdf