Club Policies

Keilor St Bernards Athletic Club policies

Please note that the contents of this section will be updated as policies are reviewed and updated.

As an affiliated member of Athletics Victoria KSB is required to create and maintain policies which address the manner in which the club operates and for the protection of it's members. In some cases, the KSB Committee has decided to directly adopt Athletics Victoria policies rather than create a new club specific policy.

KSB Inclusion Policy: KSB-Inclusion-Policy-v-1-1.pdf

KSB Member Protection Policy: KSB-Member-protection-Policy-AV-1-2.pdf

KSB Communications Policy:KSB-Communications-Policy-1-2.pdf

KSB Privacy Policy:KSB-Privacy-Policy-v-1-1.pdf

KSB Photography Policy:KSB-photographyPolicy-AV-1-1.pdf

KSB Extreme Weather Policy: KSB-Unfavourable-Weather-Policy-1.2.pdf

KSB Smoking Policy: KSB-Smoking-Policy-v1-0.pdf

KSB Alcohol Policy: KSB-Alcohol-Policy-v-1-0.pdf

KSB Policy on Policies: Some words on how we manage all the policies.....KSB-Policy-on-Policies-1-2.pdf

Membership Terms and Conditions:

The following document specifies the terms and conditions by which members of KSB must abide by as a member of the club. During the AV on-line registration process you agree to the terms and conditions of AV and KSB. To view the KSB T&C  click on the 'Primary Club" link and the following document will be displayed.