Generational change at KSB

When Ian Upton started his marathon stint as Club president, Australia was yet to celebrate its Bicentennial, the Internet was yet to exist in any real sense and Rick Astley was topping the charts. Times have changed and Ian’s amazing 33-year reign ended on Wednesday when he stepped down in favour of new Club President Krystal Kunig. Everyone at the Club thanks Ian for his incredible work over the decades and congratulates Krystal for taking on the mantle. Meanwhile, Russell Cram takes over as male vice-president from Greg Moore who will remain on the committee; Ron, Bianca Share stays on as female VP; and Jess, Janaka and Bruce keep their positions as chief coach, secretary, treasurer and registrar respectively. Jess also takes on an associate treasurer role, testament to Ian’s breadth of knowledge and influence across the whole range of Club expertise. Maria, Patrick, Paul, Greg and Ian (you didn’t think he was going away altogether, did you?) remain on the general committee, joined by Greg Bain who brings his previous experience in the athletics community and admin to the table. We exhort the entire body of Club members – athletes, family, friends and associates – to get in behind your new Committee in steering KSB into a bright future. Today’s difficulties are tomorrow’s rainbow – so let’s all resolve to get out and show the world we’re an even stronger club than before.

By Paul Kennedy

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