2018 cross country handicapped race


Last weekend was our cross country handicapped race and we  had 24 brave souls turn up early in morning at St. Bernard’s College to do battle with the elements. With the wind behind them, they set out on their various courses only to find the wind had doubled in ferocity as they turned for home. Krystal having set out the course with Russell obviously had some prior knowledge of the wind pockets, setting sail for home she was victorious, battling the winds on the way back. 

Young Grace White showed a clean pair of heels to the opposition as she showed she will be a force to be reckoned with! 

Kye set out to do the 3k but the wind was so strong, as he passed Mark he was unable to turn around and went on to complete the 5k course. Max took full advantage of Dilan missing today and stormed home in the 3k mens race. 

Meanwhile, a very surprised Andrew Comley found himself leading the men home in the 8k. 

Congratulations to all the winners, awards will be presented at the end of season event. Thanks to all who helped in various ways with the event and to all those who attended. 


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