Policies and legalities

Athletics Victoria requires affiliated member clubs to publish policies relating to the Club’s operations and for the protection of its members and others. The following policy documents may be viewed or downloaded below.
KSB inclusion policy KSB-Inclusion-Policy-v-1-1.pdf
KSB member protection policy KSB-Member-protection-Policy-AV-1-2.pdf
KSB communications policy KSB-Communications-Policy-1-2.pdf
KSB privacy policy KSB-Privacy-Policy-v-1-1.pdf
KSB photography policy KSB-photographyPolicy-AV-1-1.pdf
KSB extreme weather policy KSB-Unfavourable-Weather-Policy-1.2.pdf
KSB smoke-free policy KSB-Smoking-Policy-v1-0.pdf
KSB alcohol management policy KSB-Alcohol-Policy-v-1-0.pdf
KSB policy policy: Some words on how we manage all the policies KSB-Policy-on-Policies-1-2.pdf

Membership terms and conditions
Members of Keilor St Bernard’s Athletic Club must abide by the (hyperlink). By completing the online Athletics Victoria registration process you agree to the terms and conditions of Athletics Victoria and Keilor St Bernard’s Athletic Club.

Victorian Incorporations Act
Keilor St-Bernard's Athletic Club is an Incorporated Association (number A9514) under the Victorian Act of 2012. This means the club's operational rules are based on the Victorian Incorporations Act Model Rules of 2012.